Our plan to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs worldwide by the year 2020


At The Coca‑Cola Company, we believe women are a powerful global economic force – but one that is consistently undervalued. 5by20 is our global commitment to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020.Specifically, we’ll focus on the small businesses the Company works with in over 200 countries around the world.

From fruit farmers to artisans, the 5by20 initiative aims to help women overcome the barriers they face to business success. To accomplish this, we are providing access to training, financial resources and mentors.

Currently, our focus is on four key markets: Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines and India. We are already expanding 5by20 into additional markets where we are incubating projects or piloting programs, including China, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Haiti and Egypt.

Watch the videos below to find out more about how 5by20 programmes are already having an impact on different women around the world:

1. Preeti Gupta in Agra, India

In India, we are providing solar coolers to shop keepers in rural areas with unreliable electricity, allowing them to sell chilled drinks, as well as to charge mobile phones and solar lanterns. Shopkeeper Preeti explains how this has benefitted her business:

2. Margaret Kungu (Mama Njeri) in Sagana, Kenya

In Kenya and Uganda we are helping more than 50,000 farmers to grow mangoes for locally sold fruit juices, building our business while creating sustainable livelihoods at the farm level. Approximately 30 per cent of these farmers are women. Watch Mama Njeri’s story:

3. Laly Mathebula in Johannesburg, South Africa

Our 5by20 programmes in South Africa are offering training, finances and equipment to help grow small businesses. Find out how Laly has turned her late husband’s small butchery into a booming business:

Since launching 5by20 in 2010, The Coca‑Cola Company has enabled more than 131,000 women like Preeti, Mama Njeri and Laly. We will continue to test, learn and scale the programmes that work – an approach that we hope will ensure a lasting, sustainable and impactful legacy which will continue to positively affect lives beyond 2020.

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