Fanta is a sparkling soft drink with a great fruity taste.

Popular favourite Fanta Orange is available in the UK alongside a great range of other flavours, including Fanta Icy Lemon, Fanta Fruit Twist, Fanta Mango and Passionfruit and Fanta Peach and Apricot, and Fanta Raspberry and Passionfruit. There are more than 90 flavours of Fanta worldwide.

Did you know? Fanta Orange in the UK contains 30 per cent less sugar than it did in 2006 and only uses natural flavours. We also use natural colours from carrot and pumpkin to enhance the orange colour provided by the fruit.

Fanta Orange is also available as Fanta Zero – the no added sugar version. 

Available in the following variants: Fanta Orange, Fanta Icy Lemon, Fanta Fruit Twist, Fanta Peach and Apricot, Fanta Mango and Passionfruit, Fanta Raspberry and Passionfruit.

ProductCalories (kcal)Sugars (g)Fat (g)Saturates (g)Salt (g)
Fanta Orange4210.40.00.0trace
Fanta Icy Lemon5112.
Fanta Fruit Twist399.
Fanta Mango and Passionfruit6215.
Fanta Peach and Apricot6215.
Fanta Raspberry and Passionfruit4210.
ProductCalories (kcal)Sugars (g)Fat (g)Saturates (g)Salt (g)
Fanta Orange5613.80.00.0trace
Fanta Icy Lemon6816.
Fanta Fruit Twist52130.00.00.0
Fanta Mango and Passionfruit8220.
Fanta Peach and Apricot8320.
Fanta Raspberry and Passionfruit5613.
ProductCalories (kcal)Sugars (g)Fat (g)Saturates (g)Salt (g)
Fanta Orange7017.30.00.0trace
Fanta Icy Lemon8520.
Fanta Fruit Twist65160.00.00.0
Fanta Mango and Passionfruit10325.
Fanta Peach and Apricot10425.
Fanta Raspberry and Passionfruit7017.
ProductCalories (kcal)Sugars (g)Fat (g)Saturates (g)Salt (g)
Fanta Orange9222.80.00.0trace
Fanta Icy Lemon11327.
Fanta Fruit Twist86210.00.00.0
Fanta Mango and Passionfruit13633.
Fanta Peach and Apricot13733.
Fanta Raspberry and Passionfruit9222.
ProductCalories (kcal)Sugars (g)Fat (g)Saturates (g)Salt (g)
Fanta Orange14034.50.00.0trace
Fanta Icy Lemon17041.
Fanta Fruit Twist130320.00.00.0
Fanta Peach and Apricot20850.
Fanta Raspberry and Passionfruit14034.

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