Responsible marketing

We've listened to parents and consumers, and put together a set of marketing principles

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Coca‑Cola has had a long-standing commitment to responsible marketing for many years, and in 2009 we set out explicitly what these commitments mean in practice.

The Responsible Marketing Charter is a set of principles that guide our entire approach to marketing and establish firm rules for what we should and shouldn't do. We use independent auditors to check that we're complying with the principles set out in the charter.

Some highlights from the Responsible Marketing Charter

  • We don't market any drinks to children under 12 because we believe parents should choose the drinks that are right for their families. We help parents make informed choices through better consumer information
  • We will work with an independent consultancy to constantly monitor TV ad placement
  • We do not have direct commercial agreements with primary schools and are only in secondary schools by invitation
  • We will not associate ourselves with cinema films where the core audience is under 12

Online marketing is a fast-growing area at the moment and we want to make sure we're being responsible here too. With the International Business Leaders Forum we've launched a Responsible Marketing Network online - a network that brings together marketing practitioners to share best practice and solve issues.

Talking with our consumers

We'll also continue to have a dialogue with consumers and other stakeholders on responsible marketing, to ensure we keep delivering a wide variety of great quality drinks.

Download the Responsible Marketing Charter (pdf)

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