Live Positively: Our commitment to sustainability

A worldwide commitment to giving back to the communities we work in

Sustainability has to be part of everything we do, in the areas of water, emissions, waste and recycling. People have to be part of everything we do, both in the communities we operate in and with our employees. Not just today, but tomorrow and in the future.

Our goal is simple. We will try and give back as much as we take - or, where possible, more than we take. This is what we call Live Positively:

Beverage Benefits
Our goal is to quench every thirst and every need, provide and tailor drinks for every lifestyle, life-stage and occasion based on individual needs.
We strive to offer quality products you can trust all the time.

Active, Healthy Lifestyles Our goal is to help people lead active, healthy lives by offering a wide variety of drinks, focusing on information and education, and supporting physical activity.

 Climate and Energy Protection
Our goal is to grow the business, not the carbon in our manufacturing operations. We improve the energy efficiency and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in cold drink equipment.

Our goal is to advance a packaging framework in which our packaging is no longer seen as waste, but as a valuable resource for future use.

 Global Water Stewardship
Our goal is to safely return to nature and communities an amount of water equivalent to what we use in all of our beverages and their production.

We are a global company with local roots in every community where we do business. We are committed to the needs of our communities with wide-ranging programmes.

We foster open environments, as diverse as the markets we serve, where workplace rights are respected and people are inspired to be the best they can be.

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