Trucks on tour!

Our iconic red trucks are driving around the UK, spreading seasonal cheer to our consumers. Where will you see it?

On 14th November, 2011 our Coca‑Cola truck set off on its nationwide tour following a festive launch with Myleene Klass near London’s iconic Tower Bridge.

The fairy-lit vehicle’s first stop was Westfield Shopping Centre (near our headquarters in Hammersmith), where visitors got into the festive spirit, having their photos taken with the iconic truck and enjoying free cans of Coca‑Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero.

A gospel choir and brass band added to the Christmassy atmosphere throughout the day. They performed traditional Christmas carols as well as iconic Coca‑Cola jingles including 'Holidays are Coming', 'I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke' and last year’s 'Shake Up Christmas' song. In the evening, singer Kym Mazell joined in and gave a special performance for the crowd.

The Coca‑Cola Christmas truck at Westfield London

We caught up with some of the visitors who came to see the Coca‑Cola Christmas truck on its Westfield London stop:

"My son wanted to come down to see the trucks. We’ve always liked the Coke advert, liked it for years, and we’ve finally got to see the Coca‑Cola lorry!"

Jay, director of Souls of Prophesy gospel choir
"I’m the director of the gospel choir who are performing here today – we did it last year too, just bringing the festive season to people. It’s cold, people are shopping and they want something to brighten up their day."

What seems to be the audience's favourite song when you’re performing?
"Everybody remembers ‘Holidays are Coming’ and the ‘Shake it up’ song from last year’s Snow Globes ad. They remember all the songs that are linked to the Coca‑Cola ads. When they hear it, they say 'Ah, I remember this!' and it takes them back to when they were little."

Beth and Georgie
Beth: "Coke does remind me of Christmas. It’s very exciting when you see the ad – we saw it at the weekend!"
Georgie: "I enjoyed the snow here today – can’t wait for the real stuff!"

"I think the trucks are really interesting for my son. He likes all the colours and the lights. It definitely feels like Christmas now!"

"I’ve always seen the Coca‑Cola truck on TV and it’s always been quite an iconic look so we wanted to get our photo taken with it."

Find your nearest truck stop

Join in the Coca‑Cola Christmas celebrations! Visit Coke Zone to find out details of when the truck is coming to your local area.

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